Bar coding your inventory is easier than every with Bar Code Express. Now you can take any item from Cash Register Express and print a bar code.

Bar Code Express reads directly from your Cash Register Express database, imports your inventory information and print bar codes to any laser printer or Bar Code Blaster.

Once the inventory items are in BCE 2003, you can select different labels and even design the label if you are printing to a laser printer. BCE 2003 will help you automate your store!

Features and Benefits
  • Easy Bar Code Design
  • Takes Data Directly from BCE 2003
  • Go To Item for Quick Item Skipping
  • Choose Any Number of Bar Codes
  • Supports Bar Code Blaster
  • Prints to Hang Tags
  • Prints to InkJet or LaserJet Printers
  • Supports Standard Avery Labels
  • Fast Mark/Unmark all to Print
  • Exports to Labels Unlimited
  • Imports from the Genral Store
  • Create your Own Bar Codes
  • Prints to Adhesive & Butterfly Labels
  • Easy Navigation Grid

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