Hospitals and Medical Facilities benefit financially and with increased patient safety utilizing automation equipment.

Hospitals save money by controlling supplies, medical equipment and medications. Facilities can be assured of total reimbursement of all services performed with no missed charges. Organizations can reduce excessive data entry, while simultaneously tracking costs to insurance companies to insure there is no loss of revenue due to inaccurate records. Every procedure and billable item is tracked and billed for.

Patient safety is increased because physicians can prescribe medications and procedures with less errors; doctors and nurses have the ability to call up patient information by simply scanning a barcode, and medication errors are greatly reduced with bar code scanning technology.
Automated Data Collection technology utilizes equipment that complies with current and pending regulations in the control of inventory, medical supplies, and equipment. Additionally, it insures the proper administration of medications and records with the following types of equipment:
  • ADC collection devices
  • Barcode Printers
  • Handheld Scanners

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