Pocket Inventory Pocket Inventory does just exactly that! With the Symbol SPT-1550 and Pocket Inventory you will never have to worry about long lists of inventory on your clipboard again. Simply scan an item "on the floor" and Pocket Inventory will keep a count. When you are done, Pocket Inventory will transmit your entire count to your computer.

You may also make quick changes to cost, price, description to an existing inventory list, as well. With a portable bar code printer, like the Code Ranger Plus from Cognitive Solutions, you can even print Bar Codes from your Palm Pilot!

Features and Benefits
  • Synchronizes w/Track Express
  • Edit Inventory information on the fly
  • Print Bar Codes on the fly
  • Compatible with MS Access and dBase
  • Simple point and scan operation
  • Auto-counts inventory
  • Manual item and quantity entry
  • Synchronizes with HotSync
  • Optional Code Ranger Plus
  • Easy Record Editing
  • Built in Barcode Scanning
  • Stores Unlimited Items
  • Sends Inventory Count to PC
  • Stores Location Information
  • Tracks Department/Location
  • Edit Inventory costs and prices
  • SpeedScan for faster barcode scans
  • Flexible Bar Code Types

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