CRE 2004 Version 10.1 is Released!!


  • NEW!! Cash Pickups

  • NEW!! Mass Table Transfer

  • NEW!! Automated Return Features

  • NEW!! Automatic Store Credit

  • NEW!! Improved Order Filling Station

  • NEW!! Menu Schedules for multiple menus

  • NEW!! Notes on top of receipt

  • NEW!! Bar Code on bottom of receipt for easy recall

  • NEW!! Stock Levels on Touch Screen Buttons

  • Split Checks

  • Add Item On the Fly

  • Employee Maintenance Screen

  •  Coupons

  • Print Item Notes

  • Table Diagram with Open Tabs

  • Create Gift Receipts on any item ever sold

  • Invoice Pullbacks for quickly retrieving and canceling orders

  • On Order Styles Matrix screen to display what is on order

  • Invoice Edits screen in Restaurant Mode

  • Logout after sale option in Retail Mode

  • Faster Invoicing

  • Gift Receipts

  • End of Day Reporting for Restaurants

  • Enhanced Amount Tendered Screen

  • Enhanced Mix and Match Price Groups 

  • Inventory Maintenance

  • Style Matrix Screen

  • Debit Cards with PinPad

  • Returns Reason Codes

  • Restaurant Modifier Groups

  • Recipe and Ingredient Tracking

  • Easy Login Screen

  • Job Codes

  • Zero Items Sold Report

  • Enterprise Edition for bulletproof network performance

  • Tighter Security

  • Retail Touch Screen

  • Quantity and Price Prompting

  • Allow Station to End Transaction Permission

  • To Stay, To Go, Delivery Prompting

  • Added support for NCR 7875 Scanner/Scale

  • Mix and Match pricing (Sell any combination of items within the group at a special price)

  • Detailed Amount Tendering for multiple Credit Card payments

  • Table Diagram (allows you to design the layout of your restaurant)

  • Bulk Customer E-Mails

  • Account Restrictions

  • Detailed Department Sale by Customer

  • Yearly Comparison Report

  • PO Permissions

  • New Professional PO Printout

  • Gift Cards

  • Prompt Days of Rental

  • Check Validation 

  • New RPE Table Selection Screen

  • Friendly Printer Setup

  • Allows for multiple A/R invoice to be paid off

  • Restaurant Credit Card Processing (with CC Tips)

  • New receipt style

  • Faster Reporting!

  • Food Stamps

  • 10 discount levels

  • Check authorization and signature pad compatible

  • New!! Create your own touch screen

  • All new invoice screen for speedy checkout

  • New reporting screen 

  • New touch screen interface

  • New Options menu for easier navigation

  • New Restaurant Screen with Split Ticket feature

  • New kit maintenance screen

  • Added PO Functionality

  • Helper items

  • Quick Customer History


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wpe1B.jpg (50748 bytes)
NEW! Department Maintenance Screen
wpe22.jpg (14564 bytes)
NEW!! Set Sales up by Department
wpe24.jpg (43492 bytes)
NEW!! Improved Order Filling Screen
wpe26.jpg (43346 bytes)
NEW!! Multiple Menu Scheduling
wpe14.jpg (92672 bytes)
NEW!! Customer Lookup Screen
(RPE 2004)
wpe17.jpg (59148 bytes)
NEW!! Mix n Match Pricing Screen
wpe28.jpg (60732 bytes)
Invoice Edits Screen
wpeD.jpg (63108 bytes)
Split Check Screen
wpeB.jpg (83499 bytes)
Employee Maintenance
wpe1.jpg (64509 bytes)
Amount Tendered Screen
wpeB.jpg (58570 bytes)
Style Matrix
wpe1.jpg (54269 bytes)
Login Screen (Retail and Restaurant)
wpe11.jpg (25619 bytes)
New!! Add Item on the Fly
wpe2.gif (13406 bytes)
Table Diagram (RPE 2004)
giftcards.jpg (47970 bytes)

Gift Cards

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