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viewsonic projectors & accessories. PJ255D Projector
by ViewSonic Projectors & Accessories
The ViewSonic PJ255D micro-portable DLP projector helps you UNVEIL POWERFUL PRESENTATIONS ANYWHERE your work takes you. While it weighs a mere 2.1 pounds, this powerful projector supports HD signals, and delivers a high contrast ratio and 1024x768 native resolution for crystal-clear images. Delivering remarkable multimedia presentations with the flexibility of PC and video inputs, image reversing and a wireless remote control. A zoom lens and vertical keystone correction guarantee a PERFECT IMAGE IN VIRTUALLY ANY SETTING. Unlock the power of your presentations with the microportable, powerhouse PJ255D.
PJ255D Projector 1100 Lumens XGA # PJ255D
viewsonic projectors & accessories. PJ501 Projector
by ViewSonic Projectors & Accessories
Ideal for mobile professionals, the ViewSonic PJ501 projector offers 1,500 lumens in a lightweight 5.4-pound package. Short focal length, and zoom let you set up just about anywhere. Plus, the component video feature for superior video quality and whisper-mode setting for long lamp life make the ViewSonic PJ501 projector the dependable choice for the mobile presenter in the office and on the road. ...
PJ501 LCD Projector 1500 Lumens SVGA # PJ501
viewsonic projectors & accessories. PJ510 Projector
by ViewSonic Projectors & Accessories
The ViewSonic PJ510 is the perfect projector for the home or office. Its portable and bright with 1,200 lumens. EASY SET-UP allows fast, easy synchronization and the 800x600 native resolution, scalable to 1600x1200, projects crisp, sharp images. With HDTV COMPATIBILITY AND PROGRESSIVE SCAN VIDEO you can use the projector in your home entertainment center for BRILLIANT, LIFE-LIKE images. Or take it on the road and project professional images in any setting. The PJ510 is a low-cost, high-quality projector with the best warranty in the business that gives you a LOW TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP.
PJ510 Projector 1200 Lumens SVGA # PJ510
viewsonic projectors & accessories. PJ520 Projector
by ViewSonic Projectors & Accessories
The ViewSonic PJ520 is the perfect union of form and function with 800x600 native resolution. It WEIGHS IN AT LESS THAN 6 POUNDS while its 2,000 LUMENS DELIVER ULTRA-BRIGHT, CRISP, CLEAR IMAGES. Unveil dynamic multimedia presentations in any setting. The multiple video inputs allow connectivity from different sources while one image can be output on an additional display. Rich in features and light on the wallet, the PJ520 is an excellent choice for business or home use.
PJ520 Projector 2000 Lumens SVGA # PJ520
viewsonic projectors & accessories. PJ550 Projector
by ViewSonic Projectors & Accessories
The PJ550 is the ideal ultra-light portable projector for anyone putting in time on the road. At a super-bright 1,200 lumens and with a 300:1 contrast ratio, this XGA projector delivers superior image quality with sharp images and rich color. True 1024x768 resolution (1280x1024 maximum) produces exceptional image quality for both data and video. The PJ550's short focal length and zoom offer versatility in any setting, and digital keystone correction assures professional presentations. Whisper-mode setting prolongs lamp life and makes the PJ550 an excellent investment value ideal for the mobile presenter.
PJ550 LCD Projector 1200 Lumens # PJ550-2
viewsonic projectors & accessories. PJ551 Projector
by ViewSonic Projectors & Accessories
The ViewSonic PJ551 projector offers an ideal combination of high performance in an ultra-light package. With high brightness at 1,500 lumens and a high contrast ratio of 400:1, the PJ551 delivers vibrant, bright colors with lifelike depth, even in well-lit rooms. True 1024x768 resolution (1280x1024) produces exceptional image quality for both data and video. And a short focal length and zoom add versatility. For performance and value, choose the projector that shines, the ViewSonic PJ551.
PJ551 LCD Projector 1500 Lumens XGA # PJ551
viewsonic projectors & accessories. PJ650 Projector
by ViewSonic Projectors & Accessories
PJ650 Projector 2000 Lumens XGA # PJ650
viewsonic projectors & accessories. PJ750 Projector
by ViewSonic Projectors & Accessories
The ViewSonic PJ750 delivers exceptionally bright presentations. With 1,700 lumens, 1024 x 768 XGA resolution and high contrast, this projector delivers clear, crisp images, even in well-lit rooms literally outshining the competition. Easy to use, the full-featured PJ750 offers zoom and digital keystone correction as well as multiple computer and video inputs and outputs for greater flexibility. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for conference rooms, boardrooms and lecture halls, and it's light enough to travel. With the PJ750 you can be confident you'll present a positive image anytime, anywhere.
PJ750 Projector 2200 Lumens # PJ750-3
viewsonic projectors & accessories. PJ1065 Projector
by ViewSonic Projectors & Accessories
The high-performance ViewSonic PJ1065 XGA projector offers 2,700 lumens of brightness, 1024 x 768 XGA resolution and excellent contrast, making it the ideal choice for any setting whether it's a conference room, boardroom, lecture hall or religious sanctuary. Features such as motorized zoom, digital keystone correction, picture-in-picture, and a full-function remote with mouse and laser pointer make this projector extremely versatile. Multimedia presentations are a snap with a variety of inputs capable of showing any type of electronic content, including DVI-D and HDTV signals. And for a more permanent setup, the PJ1065 is wall/ceiling mountable. If you're looking for a top-of-the-line, feature-packed XGA projector, look to the ViewSonic PJ1065.
PJ1065 Projector 3500 Lumens XGA # PJ1065-2
viewsonic projectors & accessories. PJ1165 Projector
by ViewSonic Projectors & Accessories
The wide array of features on ViewSonic's PJ1165 projector will impress not only you, but your audience. The PJ1165 projector adds richness and depth to your multimedia presentations with a REMARKABLE 3,500 LUMENS and 1024x768 native resolution. YOU GET A WIDER RANGE OF INSTALLATION OPTIONS with the power zoom and focus lens, horizontal and vertical keystone correction. The multiple video and PC inputs, HD signal compatibility, and picture-inpicture function provide maximum versatility. Choose the PJ1165 for large venue installations and conference rooms.
PJ1165 Projector 3500 Lumens XGA # PJ1165

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