Industry Challenges:
Do you have complete, real-time visability and control of your inventory? Is your warehouse management system fully integrated with your general ledger information? Are you equipped with warehouse scanning technologies to improve inventory management? What is your inventory valuation?

Warehouse management and control is an essential component to your long-term financial success. Distributor's today simply can't afford not to have a tightly controlled and integrated system in place. Without a proven solution, you miss out on the hard benefits associated with:
  • Visability and Inventory Control
  • Inventory Valuation
  • Picking Efficiencies
  • Product Turns and Cycle Counting
  • Order Processing, Fulfillment and Replenishment
  • Financial Management

ProfitPoint™ is a proven warehouse management solution with end-to-end functionality. From the time the order is placed with the manufacturer, to the time the product is received by the customer, ProfitPoint™ manages your movement of inventory and financial information in real-time. The IBM iSeries platform is leveraged to support e-enabled business processes throughout the warehouse, on the road, and at the customer site.

    Key ProfitPoint™ Benefits

  • Reduce purchasing costs and improve sourcing decisions
  • Optimize Inventory Investments
  • Support value-added services
  • Improve supplier and customer service levels
  • Integrate financials and make informed business decisions

ProfitPoint™ enables distributors to meet their service level and profitability goals through these robust modules:

e-Customer Relationship Management (e-CRM)
e-CRM extends ProfitPoint™ to the mobile sales force and the customer's desktop.

e-SRM extends ProfitPoint™ to suppliers and manufacturers.

e-Warehouse Management Systems (e-WMS)
The e-WMS module is a comprehensive real-time warehouse management and inventory control system widely recognized for its strong inventory management and valuation capabilities, seamless integration, and database.

Financial Reporting and Analysis
Financial Reporting and Analysis offers distributors enterprise wide accounts receivable, accounts payable, and general ledger functions.

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