Providing solutions from single route or station to multi-warehouse management to distribution center to Point of Sale (POS) to Healthcare, Solid Rock Solutions is prepared to meet your needs.

Automation achieves greater accuracy and speed in business operations providing stronger returns to your bottom line.

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With our solutions, DSD operations become seamless between the fixed warehouse and the trucks as your wireless mobile sales force is equipped to sell straight off the truck with real time inventory as they move from customer to customer with the Si Route Accounting™ Solution. With the Cash Register Express™, your retail, fast-food or restaurant Point of Sale (POS) needs are met with ease. Medical and Healthcare markets are met with technology that is reliable and accurate. Technology solutions designed to meet and/or exceed compliance with current and pending regulations in the delivery of proper patient care. Distribution Center and Warehouse Management solutions which provide end to end functionality from the manufacturer to the customer via e-enabled business processes are achieved with the robust ProfitPoint™ solution

Automation solutions should consist of qualities such as:
  • The latest technological advances in the industry with set standards for flawless automation that is both adaptable and user-friendly for the workforce. This is only accomplished by listening to and learning from clients like you.

  • A proven Return on Investment (ROI) within 3-9 months of implementation (based on solution type).

  • A comprehensive easy-to-use solution that’s designed to streamline and enhance your daily operations. This begins with a strong accounting system consisting of a reliable back-office enterprise which integrates and automates desktop point-of-sale and accounting functions. In addition, point-of-sale capabilities that efficiently extends to the mobile environment.

  • Low Overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Reliable solutions that are modern, flexible, low maintenance, and designed to meet your specific needs. This provides you the assurance of knowing you have comprehensive solutions, smooth efficient support, and reduced costs in the development of new solutions and future upgrades.

  • Healthcare solutions which meet or exceed compliance of current and pending regulations.

  • Providers who remain current on the most up-to-date trends by researching and testing hand held computers, bar code scanning systems, printers and Point of Sale (POS) hardware as new technologies are developed. This means today’s equipment is the cutting edge of tomorrow.

  • Availability of maintenance support and accessories that are just a phone call away. This allows you to concentrate on the core of your business and leave you’re automation solutions and support to us.

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